Beats Fever Paper Becomes Free to Play!

1 Sep 2017 Shanghai, China – Arrowiz today happily announced that its popular music game Beats Fever Paper™ can now be downloaded and played completely for free on main mobile VR platforms with supported headsets.

Beats Fever Paper is a casual music game on mobile VR platforms where players aim at ascending rhythmic gems and tap the touchpad or pull the controller trigger to capture them. With easy and intuitive gameplay, paper-craft art style and immersive environments, this title presents a great entertainment for players of all age groups.

Since its initial release in this January, Beats Fever Paper has gained acclaim from thousands of players on major VR platforms including Samsung Gear VR, Xiaomi VR, Huawei VR and Vivo VR. To express the deep gratitude of its dev team, Arrowiz has decided to offer this title for free permanently.

More information about Beats Fever Paper can be found at