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About Us

Founded in 2016 by a group of game industry veterans and young talents, Arrowiz aim to create and publish truly enjoyable games that excite most players, explore new media, and build a leading studio.

We have been operating and developing multiple products across all major platforms including PC, consoles, mobile and VR/AR devices.

Our Products

Beats Fever

Beats Fever

Beats Fever is a VR rhythm game set in charming world stages, where players enjoy stylish music and make cool moves to catch incoming notes.

Beats Fever Paper

Beats Fever Paper

Beats Fever Paper is a free-to-play mobile VR music game set in stylish papercraft world, where players enjoy cool rhythms and catch rising notes.


  1. Beats Fever Paper Becomes Free to Play!
    1 Sep 2017 – Arrowiz today happily announced that its popular music game Beats Fever Paper™ can now be downloaded and played completely for free on main mobile VR platforms with supported headsets. Read more
  2. Beats Fever and Beats Fever Paper Launch on Oculus Store
    19 Jan 2017 – Arrowiz today announced that Beats Fever™ and Beats Fever Paper™ are available now on Oculus store for play with the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR headsets, respectively. Read more
  3. Beats Fever Launches on Steam
    10 Jan 2017 - Arrowiz today announced the release of Beats Fever™, a visually stunning virtual reality (VR) rhythm game for the Steam®VR platform that is set in stylish and charming urban stages. Read more

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